Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Little Charmer

Saint Mary's Anglican Church, Moorcourt, Herefordshire UK. c. 1865
Frequently, through the riches of the worldwide web, beautiful images of churches are to be found. Some are grand, some inspiring and some are ... charming.

This photograph of Saint Mary's Anglican Church in Moorcourt, Herefordshire (UK) was found here. Built around 1865, this small timber-framed church had its exterior walls clad in corrugated iron, which is presently painted a deep green. It has a small, separate chancel, which is not quite visible in this photograph.

Simple it might be, but the proportions and detailing are all very good. Detailing is all carried out in imitation of the stonework of her grander cousins.

Church-building is an expensive and daunting concern. Although this is an Anglican church, we wished to include it here to illustrate that beauty can be created on a small-scale, even with modest materials. But good proportion and detail are everything.